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The soloists for the Fauré concert this weekend are Soprano Lisa Harper-Brown and Baritone Joel Amosa. Rowan Meade is the Clarinetist for the orchestral concert.

Fauré Requiem

7.30pm Friday 27th March and 2.30pm Sunday 29th March
St Paul's Church, Tennyson Street, Napier

Our first 2015 concert is dedicated to French composers Gabriel Fauré and Hector berlioz. This is a rare opportunity to experience a live performance of berlioz's gloriously scented and atmospheric music Les nuits d'été, sung by international soprano Lisa Harper-brown. The concert concludes with the famous Fauré Requiem, a truly unique composition of uplifting musical phrases, which appeals to performers and listeners alike and emanates ethereal beauty and spirituality.


An Orchestral Concert - Produced by Napier Civic Choir

7.30pm Saturday 28th March
St Paul's Church, Tennyson Street, Napier

The first orchestral concert of the year features one of Beethoven's most iconic symphonies, the Eroica. This symphony, a musical masterpiece, changed the course of music forever, bringing musical expression to a different level.

In the first half, Auckland-based clarinetist Rowan Meade will delight us with a work by Beethoven's contemporary, Carl Maria von Weber. Weber's first clarinet concerto is a piece written in an operatic style in which the clarinet's expressive possibilities are explored exuberantly.


7.30pm Friday 19th June and 2.30pm Sunday 21st June
St John's Cathedral, Browning Street, Napier

Tenor- -Matthew Reardon
E lucevan le stelle
Nessun Dorma

Baritone - Simon Lobelson
Tosca Finale Act I (from Tre Sbirri)
Tosca Act II Scene before Visi d'arte (from Salvatelo! Io?.., Voi!)

Soprano - Anna Pierard
Anna will be singing a duet with the Simon Lobelson and Visi d'arte from Tosca.

Our second choral concert is dedicated to Giacomo Puccini. The Preludio sinfonico in A major, Puccini's second orchestral work and composed early in his life, shows the remarkable musical progress of its author and his considerable talent in the symphonic genre.

This highly enjoyable concert features Puccini's best known opera arias. The grandeur of his operatic writing is further apparent in the Puccini mass Messa di Gloria.

Tchaikovsky Symphony No.5

An Orchestral Concert - Produced by Napier Civic Choir

7.30pm Saturday 20th June
Municipal Theatre, Tennyson Street, Napier

This Romantic programme includes Max Bruch's violin concerto, one of the most famous, played by the wonderful New Zealand String Quartet's first violinist Helene Pohl. The dazzling, virtuosic passages, particularly in the glorious finale, really do make the violin sing as it soars again and again, almost from within the orchestra, to ever loftier heights. The second movement is one of pure romance with beautiful, heart- breaking themes. This thrilling concerto is accompanied by one of the most exciting and best known symphonies in the orchestral repertoire, Tchaikovsky's 5th. Popular themes and movements from this famous symphony are often used in musicals, films and ballet.


7.30pm Friday 11 September and 2.30pm Sunday 13 September
St John's Cathedral, Browning Street, Napier

Soprano - Anna Leese

Mezzo-soprano - Elisabeth Harris

Tenor - Declan Cudd

Baritone - TBC

We are delighted to have Anna leese back in Napier performing with us.

Elijah is the best example of 19th century oratorio. Written in the manner of bach and Handel’s oratorios, Elijah has maintained its popularity since its premier. Musical episodes depict the resurrection of a dead youth, the bringing of rain to parched Israel through Elijah’s prayers and the bodily ascension of Elijah on a fiery chariot into heaven. The most dramatic episode is said to occur when Jehovah consumes an offered sacrifice by fire after failed and frantic prayers by prophets of the god baal.

DVOŘÁK - Symphony no. 8

An Orchestral Concert - Produced by Napier Civic Choir

7.30pm Saturday 12 September
Municipal Theatre Tennyson Street, Napier

Piano - Matteo Napoli

Matteo Napoli joins us again this year, this time to perform the virtuosic Chopin second piano concerto. Coupled with Dvořák's 8th symphony, the concerto will delight us in an Eastern European evening.

Chopin's concertos "linger in the memory for the poetry of their detail." Those details are so bold and colourful, so imaginative and personal, that the concertos have become the only large-scale early works of Chopin to retain a place in the repertoire.

Dvořák's 8th symphony is cheery and lyrical and draws its inspiration from the bohemian folk music that Dvořák loved.


7.00pm Friday 11 December and 2.00pm Sunday 13 December
St Paul's Church Tennyson Street, Napier

Soprano - Anna Pierard

Mezzo-soprano - TBC

Tenor - TBC

Bass - TBC

The Messiah "announces" our Christmas celebrations. Once more we join the rest of the world paying tribute to one of the most often performed oratorio in the history of music

The Four Seasons

An Orchestral Concert - Produced by Napier Civic Choir

7.30pm Saturday 12 December
St Paul's Church Tennyson Street, Napier

A selection of baroque Christmas Concertos is coupled here with Vivaldi's famous The Four Seasons played by Amalia Hall who is widely recognised as one of the foremost young violinists to emerge from New Zealand.

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