Our Aims

Napier Civic Choir is committed to the goals of its constitution (regular rehearsals and public concerts). Through achieving these objectives the Choir enhances the cultural landscape of Hawke’s Bay.
Napier Civic Choir provides:
– a satisfying platform for all ages (over 80 non-auditioned members from Hawke’s Bay: teenagers to mature adults) who enjoy choral singing, regular rehearsals and performances;
– pleasure and satisfaction to our audiences (450 – 800 per weekend event) who show obvious delight in our concerts, frequently standing during ovations;
– value for money – concert quality easily matches performances in major city centres. Audiences do not have to travel far to hear high quality at affordable prices; and
– health and wellbeing – group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins.
Achieved through:
– unique style of concerts – programmes provide considerable interest in a colourful combination of choir, orchestra and soloists drawing on both national and international artists.
– high quality Artistic/Music Director skills – capable musical leadership is essential to the success of NCC. We are indeed fortunate to enjoy the benefits of high quality musical and personal rapport skills of José Aparicio, an opera singer, flautist and conductor. A respectful easy rapport exists between the Music Director and choir members. Choir members look forward to attending and prefer not to be absent from weekly practices. Rehearsals are stress free while musically beneficial.
– a strong educational focus – (musicianship, voice production techniques) for all ages including our teenagers who participate in our youth initiative. Choir members benefit from voice production within each section during every rehearsal.
– engaging youth – the choir currently has 10 youth in the choir who are of secondary school age. They love attending: choir is a highlight of their week. Some are interested in making music a career, the repertoire adding substance to their musical knowledge. The individual social advantages include a shared healthy interest and social mixing with adults.
– personal and group achievements are valued.
– a well-organised and committed committee and volunteers ensure the Choir and the Choir’s concerts run smoothly.